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Yoga & Meditation

Nearly everyone will eventually encounter some health challenges less dramatic accident, a tweaked back or knee, a chronic condition, the vagaries of growing older. Yoga is infinitely malleable and can be adapted to benefit everyone from the young, fit, and able-bodied to elders with arthritis, from students with temporary injuries to paraplegics in wheelchairs and people who are permanently bedridden. We all know that our status, family, wealth, possessions will have no meaning and we cannot enjoy life unless we are perfectly healthy. It is observed that most of the ailments people suffer from are chronic and are products of stress and anxiety and can be fixed from within. If we handle our bodies, minds and energies a little more consciously, it is possible to avoid and cure even if they are hereditary. If you align and balance the physical body, mental body and energy body, there will be no physical or psychological imbalances within you.

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